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FIC Investigations

Investigative Services

Forensic Investigations Canada Inc. offers a wide range of investigative, risk management and security services. If your situation is professional in origin, or personal in nature, we can help. Our staff has over 500 years of combined experience and can assist you through difficult and litigious circumstances.

At FIC our services are tailored to meet the constantly changing environments and requirements of our clients’ needs. Our proven ability to uncover, acquire and document information in a timely and efficient manner, using whatever legal means necessary, enables us to exceed our client’s expectations and provide results.

At FIC our experience, investigative techniques and diversity allows us to develop clear solutions in the present, while planning for the future. Our team will identify and analyze many factors of our clients’ risk management needs, allowing them to focus on building rather than repairing.

At FIC we work closely with our clients, their management team, legal counsel, adjusters and corporate decision-makers to provide a diverse list of investigative and consultative services such as:

    Bodily injury investigations and surveillance

    Long-term and short-term disability investigations and surveillance

    Surveillance operations for corporations and individuals both domestic and international

    Legal support for lawyers and their support teams from east to west coasts

    Corporate investigations and services for both large and small organizations

    General investigations for large-scale and small-scale operations

    Civil litigation investigations

    Witness locates and statements

    Due diligence investigations for corporations and individuals

    Financial and background profiling

    IP or intellectual or property matter – copyright and patent infringement

    Security consulting and reviews – risk analysis, integrity checks

    Risk management for corporations and individuals

    Executive, VIP or personal protection

    Missing persons locates

    TSCM or technical surveillance countermeasures (bug sweeps or eavesdropping)

    Auto theft investigations

    Accident benefits investigations

    Union and labor issues